February 22, 2024
The following was posted on the Bharat Rakshak Forums. Harry passed away in May 2007. Cause is heart attack.

Link to the news item

I was his classmate in college. He did have an amazing knowledge about military technology as ascertained from his interaction with a defense scientist at the IIT-Madras tech seminar on the LCA in 2004.  B Harry (Harish Balaji Kannan) was a regular contributor to this website as well. He was one of the few Indians to have an interest in Warbirds and thus he would regularly go out on Warbird Hunts. Dozens of his photos can be found in the Chennai section and other places.  He went "off the scope" in May 2007. Harry valued his privacy very much. So much that he was accessible only by email or by IM. The result was that his demise went unnoticed for so long. and Sadly, we found out about this only now. RIP Harry.  

The following link contains Harry’s contributions to the website over the ages.


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