February 22, 2024

Atamvir Singh Multani captures a pristine Canberra T4 on display at Cadet Hill at the School of Artillery in Deolali . One of the rare T4 Trainer variants known to be preserved in India (As of 2014).


First reported by Tony Sarrao on the Warbirds of India Facebook Page, Canberra T.4 IQ999 is on display at Cadet Hill, in the School of Artillery in Deolali. The Canberra, captured in photographs by Atamvir Multani is in great condition with all its original stencilling and fuselage markings still existing. The display is close to the Army Public School.

 Rear Quarter view of the Canberra. Engine outlets blanked off with metal panels. Note the wing support hoists.

The aircraft was inducted as a trainer after 1958, and was the last of the first order of seven T.4 trainer variants ordered direct from UK. The aircraft served for nearly five decade, including the last ten years with No.106 SR Squadron. It was last noted with the unit in 2004.  As of 2001, the aircraft had logged around 5,250 flying hours.

Finally retired in 2007, the aircraft was probably earmarked for preservation, and is believed to ahve been stored in Agra. In 2011, AirHQ issued order declaring the aircraft be retrieved from No.4 Wing (Agra) Salvage section and be taken to Nasik. (Letter Air HQ/60294/638/MC-2 dt 24 Mar 2011).  Its final place of rest was Cadet Hill in Deolali Cantonment where the School of Artillery is based.

IQ999-01 Starboard side of the nose shows the crew entry hatch, as well as the various markings for the fire extinguisher, axe and glove.  The aircraft featured a bubble canopy.
Port side view of the Canberra fuselage shows more markings. The navigator ejection hatch can barely be made out on the top.  IQ999-01

The aircraft display is prominently lighted up during the night and visible from quite a distance. IQ999-01


Information Courtesy: Tony Sarrao, Rohinton Vania   

Photos: Atamvir Multani  


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