February 22, 2024
A HT-2 with a fake serial
The HT-2 T-64 at the Trinity Mess as seen from the road. Photo Copyright : B Harry Click to Enlarge
The underside of HT-2 T-64 . The fuselage has been cut away and an unsightly ‘patch’ applied at the joint between the fuselage and the pole. Photo Copyright : Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd).

The aircraft was first reported by Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd), who also provided us the photos of the aircraft on this page.

The aircraft does not sport an identifyable tail number, but carries a false number of ‘T-64’. The T prefix gives rise to the belief the aircraft was an instructional airframe – perhaps at Jalhalli? We dont know for sure.

Air Cmde Tapas Sen (Retd) takes the time to check out the Trinity Mess – T-64 in the background.

Photo Copyright : Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd).

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