February 22, 2024

The big thunderbird - aka Sukhoi-7 can be seen at another location in Delhi. The Army Public School at the Ridge.

Close to the Daula Kuan enclave, on ridge road is the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan (TAPS).  APSDK as its known,  is a public school located at Delhi, India. It is operated under Indian Army supervision under the aegis of Indian Army welfare Education society (AWES). It is the flagship school of the chain of Indian Army Public Schools.

The school has several military artifacts on display – A Centurion tank and an armoured car can be seen at the entrance outside on the road. Within the campus itself is a Sukhoi-7BMK B-909 fighter bomber. The aircraft can be seen from the main road itself though the parapet wall tends to obscure it a bit.

Sukhoi-7BMK B-909 at the Army Public School
Another view of the aircraft from the front. the aircraft is mounted on concrete platforms. The wings supported by steel trestles. The Pitot tube is missing. APS B909

In addition to the Centurion and the Ferret Armoured Car, a Vijayanta tank is believed to be on display inside the school.

Delhi Public School Centurion and Ferret
The Centurion tank and armoured car on display outside the main gate.

The Sukhoi-7 apparently holds cherished memories to the students who studied in the school. Many returning students tend to get a photograph taken near the aircraft. Amit Jha posted this clear photograph of the aircraft from 2015. The aircraft looks weathered, but is fully there.  A little bit of TLC and fresh silver paint will bring it back to its previous glory. 

APS B909 03 


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