January 26, 2023

Ex-Indian Air Force De Havilland Vampire FB52 IB-1686 at the 'SpruceGoose' Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon

Ex-Indian Air Force De Havilland Vampire FB52 IB-1686 at the ‘SpruceGoose’ Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon!. Photo Courtesy: www.shanaberger.com

Visitors to the Evergreen museum in Oregon would never have a clue that the single seater De Havilland FB52 Vampire jet fighter on restoration there is an Ex Indian Air Force Veteran – with the serial IB-1686

It is one of 4 Vampires imported into the US by Lance Aircraft Supplies of Texas . This Vampire is/was owned by Don Fitzgerald of Portland Oregon. Don was having trouble with the FAA as he had no paperwork with the aircraft.

As with most Vampires in the Indian Subcontinent, IB-1686 seems to have gone extensive restoration of the forward cockpit area ahead of the engine firewall. Photo Courtesy: www.shanaberger.com Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge IB-1686 ‘s front view reveals the Cannon gun ports and the drop tanks under its wings. Photo Courtesy: www.shanaberger.com

Another Vampire in the USA is IB-882 with Reid Moorhead of Alhambra California. Reid got this upto taxiable condition at Chino with the help of Jim Kerr. Vampire IB-427 is at Albert France. Finally a two seater Vampire T55 BY-385 is owned by Allen Dunn and Frank Kirchoff Willmington De. The status of this aircraft is not known.

Aircraft Type Serial No Current Location
Vampire FB52 IB-1638 Evergreen Museum, Oregon
Vampire FB52 IB-882 Alhambra CA
Vampire FB52 IB-427 Albert France
Vampire T55 BY-385 Willmington DE

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