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Sept 1, 2003:It was a mystery waiting to be solved for more than 35 years. When some members from a trekking party from the Himalayan Mountaineering

It was a mystery waiting to be solved for more than 35 years. When some members of a trekking party from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute went up the South Dakka Glacier in the Chandra Bagga hill range in Northern Himachal, they stumbled across a half-intact human corpse. The body was of an Indian Army Soldier Pioneer Beli Ram – Some documents with his service number were recorded. His name and number feature in the list of passengers taken from the Indian Army database related to the crash of an An-12 that occurred in 1968.

According to a Hindustan Times report published quite some time back in Hindustan Times (now available at http://warbirdsofindia.com/Crashes ) An An-12 (BL-534) piloted by Fg Offr HK Singh (Seen left) with Sqn Ldr Malhotra as his co-pilot went missing over the Banihal pass on 7th February 1968. In spite of fullfledged operations, the wreckage and the remains of its 98 passengers were never found – and some of the next of kin of those lost still believe that the aircraft somehow strayed into Pakistan and the crew and passengers still languish there as POWs.

Once it became clear that there could be more bodies and more wreckage the Indian Army and Air Force were quick in dispatching a team to the crash site. After struggling for weeks against the elements, the team recovered more human remains and also the first clues on why the aircraft crashed. It appears that the crew began the descent earlier than was the usual practice and hit the CB13 peak before falling into the Dakka Glacier. Somehow the wreckage and bodies got thrown up over the years and surfaced down the glacier.

This incident has very strong resemblances to the Missing York aircraft “Stardust” in 1947. That aircraft also went missing after crashing in a glacier and came to the surface only after 50 years!

Presented here are a series of links for future research.

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