February 22, 2024

Various MiGs in and around Nasik / Deolali / Ozhar area. Including a rare Type 76 on display at Deolali. 

The above MiG-23UM was installed at No.23 Equipment Depot in Deolali Cantonment. The aircraft was inaugurated by the AOC-in-C Maintenance Command. Photo : Sainik Samachar

Deolali was originally a British Military Camp on the outskirts of Nasik.It is home to one of the Artillery arm’s Center and houses the School of Artillery. Also located in Deolali is No. 25 Equipment Depot of the Indian Air Force.

It is at the Air Force Unit, that a rare MiG-23UM two seat trainer is seen on display. The aircraft as seen above features an unusual roundel on the tail fin, and also features what appears to be the logo of No.221 Squadron “The Valiants” on one of the intakes.

Deolali Camp was opened as a Main Depot for the arrival and departure of troops in 1870 i.e. one year after it was gazetted a Cantonment. The Indian Staff College was raised here in 1904. Subsequently it was moved to Quetta, now in Pakistan. Deolali had its expansion during the First World War when a number of training camps and hospitals were added, while there was Disembarkation Centre and Rest Camp for the Army and Navy personnel already here. In 1941 during the Second World War, with the move of School of Artillery from Kakul to Deolali, it mainly became the Training Centre predominantly for the Regiment of Artillery.

The Indian Army’s School of Artillery at Deolali, also situated near Nasik is supposed to have a number of warbirds on display on its complex. In a museum in the Artillery Center, an Auster AOP aircraft is displayed. This Auster was previously with the IAF Museum and was airworthy for quite some time.

A bit south of the Artillery Center is the School of Artillery, usually commanded by an officer of Lt Gen rank. Displayed outside the Officer’s Mess was what was originally thought to be a MiG-21FL, but was later identified as MiG-21PF [BC827].


This MiG-21Bis C2116 mounted on a pole at Barnes School in Deolali was arranged by Air Chief Marshal A Y Tipnis

Also located in Deolali is the Barnes School, a leading boarding school established in 1925. This anglican school is the alma mater of former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal A Y Tipnis. During his tenure as chief, he allocated a MiG-21Bis to be given to the school which is now prominently pole mounted in front of the main building. The aircraft carries two drop tanks and two dummy Air to Air Missiles under its wings. The Aircraft’s tail number is C2116

More aerial views of the aircraft and Barnes School can be seen at this Link.


MiG-23UM at 25ED|lat=’19.84831417294692’|lon=’73.80442500114441′

Barnes School MiG-21|lat=’19.876915915433546’|lon=’73.80831956863403′

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