December 6, 2023
An inhouse designed and produced aircraft

The Hall 2 of the Museum is a well designed enclosure holding two aircraft, both civilian types manufactured by HAL in the 1960s. A HAL HA-31 Basant agricultural aircraft is on display in this well lit room. The aircraft surprisingly sports IAF roundels and fin-flashes, though no example ever served with the IAF or any other defence force.

The faint outline of the mannequin inside the cockpit can just be made out in this photograph.
Click to Enlarge This view of the HAL HA-31 Basant shows the excellent lighting conditions inside the hall. There are two skylights on the roof which lets in enough light to help the photographer get good pictures of both the aircraft.

A mannequin is displayed inside the one person cockpit of this low-wing metal monoplane. The aircraft is huge and is in good condition. The Basant does not carry an identifiable markings. It was part of the ‘roving’ collection of HAL.

Click to Enlarge A view of the Hall 2 in the Museum in the main building. The Hall houses the HA-31 Basant (Foreground) and the HUL-26 Pushpak (Background). The design of the Hall is well thought off and has ample lighting for photography to be undertaken.

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