February 29, 2024

As early as when this site was first started, we reported that there was the rumour of a Dakota fuselage at the Army Service School Driving Center – the rumour going back as far back as 2001. You can read about our first report at the bottom of the Bengaluru City Overview. At that time, I was told that the aircraft was used for Drivers to practice at the Army Service Corps Center in the southern part of Bangalore. Subsequently, this was confirmed by atleast one retired IAF officer in the city.

Well, almost 20 years after this reported sighting, the first photographs of this Dakota emerged via Wg Cdr Kojak Bhatt.

The photos are quite revealing, the fuselage seems to be preserved in some sort of a heritage park within the Army Service Corps Center – but with some bad patchwork all around. The aircraft appears to have the main wing spar and nacelles still attached and carrying a spurious marking VT-606 on the port rear side.

No Indian Air Force Dakota ever carried the digits 606. There are at least four RAF Dakotas that had these digits. Only one – KN606 appears to have an unknown fate, while the other three were written off in different accidents in different parts of the world. Its not even known if KN606 made it to India.

Probably one of the most rare type sightings in the Indian Warbird scene in recent days.

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