June 10, 2023

An overview of Bangalore City and its warbirds

HAL Gnat 1 on display at the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM), the IAF’s premier medical establishment. The aircraft carries the number ‘9’ painted in red on its rudder – indicating it was once operated by No.9 Squadron ‘Wolfpacks’. Pic Courtesy : IAM

Bangalore is the hotbed of the Indian Aviation Industry with the presence of various Aircraft Design Establishments like the National Aeronautical Laboratories (NAL), Aeronautical Development Authority (ADA), Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). It also has its fair share of Indian Air Force Establishments in the region, being the Headquarters of Training Command at JC Nagar and also being home to the Air Force Technical College (AFTC) at Jalahalli. Also at Yelahanka is the Transport Training Wing (TTW) which imparts conversion training to Pilots into the Transport Aircraft Stream.

Download the Google Earth Placemark file for Bangalore

Thus, with such a significant presence of Aviation related activities , Its no surprise that there are a very high number of warbirds on view in this Garden City. At last count, nearly 50 warbirds were counted in and around Bangalore. AFTC, AFS Jalahalli and the HAL Museum accounting for a majority of these.

Two warbirds can be seen within the city without much effort, A HAL Ajeet Prototype (E-1083) can be viewed in the roundabout at the front of the HAL office, and an HF-24 Marut (BD-884) can be seen at the Vishweshwaraya Industrial and Technology Museum at Kasturba Road near Cubbon Park. This Marut is a prototype of the Mk 1R version. VITM also boasts a newly built Wright Flyer Replica.

One of the colorful warbirds in private custody is this Yellow painted Devon with the VSM Institute of Aerospace Engineering. Click the Devon page for more pictures. Pic Courtesy : Rahul Devnath Click to Enlarge

The Recently opened HAL Heritage Museum has a collection of more than ten aircraft. A HF-24 Marut Two seater is on display as the Gate Gaurdian at ASTE. The aircraft is a rare two seater version and is preserved in good condition.

Aircraft Type Serial No Remarks
Aeronca Super Chief VT-CQQ Jakkur Flying Club
De Havilland Devon HW-203 Dumped at Yelahanka AFS
De Havilland Devon -NA- VSM School of Engineering
HAL Gnat I -NA- Institute of Aviation Medicine.
HAL Gnat II E-1083 War Memorial Park, Opp HAL office.
HAL HF-24 Marut D-1696 ASTE Campus
HAL HF-24 Marut BD-884 Vishweswaraya Indl & Tech Museum, Kasturba Road
HAL HT-2 IX- Trinity mess
HAL HT-2 IX-743 Training Command HQ, JC Nagar
HAL HT-2 IX-482 Bangalore Military School, Richmond Town , Hosur Road
HAL HT-2 VT-DFY Indian Institute of Science, Dept of Aero Science.
HAL HUL-26 Pushpak VT-DWA Center for Airborne Studies, Jakkur Aerodrome
Wright Flyer (Replica) -NA- Vishweswaraya Indl & Tech Museum, Kasturba Road

Unconfirmed sightings from Bangalore are many. A Look at the Warbird sightings page would reveal the possiblities of aircraft in and around Bangalore. There is a sighting that needs to be confirmed is the presence of the fuselage of a C-47 Dakota at the Army Service Corps Center’s Driving Park.

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