December 6, 2023
410 Air Force Station is the official name of the Jalahalli AFS, a distinct entity from the nearby AFTC
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OLD & NEW: HAL HT-2 BX-748 was earlier seen at the security gate at Jalahalli. Towards the end of 2002, this aircraft was moved to the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa and in turn has been replaced with the first HAL HPT-32 on public display X2517

Air Force Station, Jalahalli (Now 410 AFS) is a different entity at Jalahalli, not to be confused with the Air Force Technical College which is just to the side of the AFS. In terms of area, AFS Jalahalli is a much more larger facility than AFTC. The location is commonly referred to as Jalahalli (East). Both the facilities are divided by the Chikka Banavar Railway Station Road. AFS Jalahalli holds various Training Establishments for Airmen, including the Electronics, Electrical, Communication and Logistical Training Insititutes.

AFS Jalahalli has a collection of seven aircraft today, which includes one HPT-32, two HT-2s, two Sukhoi-7s and two Iskras which arrived in 2005. A third HT-2 which was on display outside the main gate of the AFS, but this was moved to the Naval Aviation Museum at the end of 2002.A few years later, the HT-2 replacement arrived – and this was a retired HAL HPT-32 Deepak X2517.

Click to Enlarge DeepakX2517 isthe first HPT-32 that has been put up for public display anywhere in India. Photo Courtesy : Wg Cdr J Thomas
Another view of the pole mounting of the HAL Deepak.Due to the presence of Security personnel, taking photographs is not recommended. Photo Courtesy : Wg Cdr J Thomas Click to Enlarge

Varun Chakrapani of Bangalore had sent us some pictures of one of the Sukhoi-7s. It is not known as to which of the two Sukhois he has posed for pictures with. The aircraft is displayed on jacks. It is common for Annual Training Camps to be conducted at AFS Jalahalli for Air Wing Cadets. It was on one such opportunity that Varun got to take pictures of this bird.

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Photographs of the Sukhoi-7 on display in Jalahalli. Varun Chakrapani (Above) sent us these photographs which were taken during an NCC Camp in Jalahalli premises some years back. Note the jacks on which the aircraft is supported. Photo Courtesy: Varun Chakrapani

A listing of the aircraft at Jalahalli and their tail numbers are as follows:

Aircraft at Jalahalli AFS Serial
HAL HT-2 IX-492
HAL HT-2 IX-712
Sukhoi-7 BMK B-811
Sukhoi-7 BMK B-825
TS-11 Iskra W-1743
TS-11 Iskra W-1760
HAL HPT-32 Deepak X-2517

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