February 29, 2024

We covered Leh Air Force Station and the lone Hunter that was the warbird for many years. In 2016, the Hunter was joined by a MiG-23BN which was placed at the north-western entrance to the airfield closer to Runway 07. The MiG was placed there along with an Mi-8 at the other end of the gate. The aircraft was painted in all silver and on a platform.

The BN, unfortunately, carries a spurious serial – SB255. The aircraft cannot be SM255 – it is at the National Military Memorial in Bengaluru. A bit of sleuthing by Sanjay Simha confirmed that the ejection seat had SM258 painted on it..

However, that is not clinching evidence either – we know that the actual airframe SM258 is at the UPES in Dehradun. So for the moment, this BN remains a mystery, with a serial potentially in the SM25x range.. perhaps the closest association could be SM266.

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