February 29, 2024

Naval Aviation Museum

Naval Aviation Museum

In October 1998 , the Naval Aviation Musuem was inaugurated and opened for general public. Located at the Bogmalai Beach near Dabolim, this musuem provided a rare glimpse of the origins and evolution of Naval Aviation Wing. This was the Naval equivalent of the Indian Air Force Museum at Palam, though with a smaller collection of aircraft.

When it was opened, the Museum started off with a very modest collection of six aircraft but slowly built up its exhibits and today boasts twelve aircraft on its roster, making it the second largest Aviation Museum in India, a place it shares with the HAL Museum.

The place of pride in the Museum is obviously taken by the aircraft exhibits, of which there are twleve of them, from the Short Sealand to the Alize to the latest Sea Harrier. The Museum also has on exhibit one of the largest aircraft on display, the Lockheed Super Constellation (IN315).

Photo Credits : Graham Tanner, B Harry, Kapil Chandni, Hans van Herk, Simon Watson, Jagan Pillarisetti