February 22, 2024
Auster Aiglet that belonged to Air Vice Marshal Harjinder Singh
Auster Aiglet VT-DYU in the Aerolabs of the PEC . The aircraft looks in impeccable condition. Photo Courtesy : PEC Website

AVM Harjinder Singh also bestowed two light aircraft to the PEC. Auster Aiglet VT-DYU, which was his personal aircraft and IAF Kanpur I [BR-570], which was designed and built by him during his tenure as the AOC-in-C Maintenance Command.

Another shot of Auster Aiglet sent in by Rishi Tandon Click to Enlarge

After the demise of the Air Vice Marshal in 1970, the blood red colored Aiglet was donated to the college by Mrs Beant Harjinder Singh on 25th October 1989. The aircraft appears to be in great condition from the scant photos that we have seen.

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