February 29, 2024

5 Air Force Hospital Jorhat is a hospital located in Nowsolia Gaon in Jorhat town, just south fo the Jorhat Air Force Station. The hospital was established in 1959 and is the largest hospital in the area.

The Hospital was home to a MiG-21FL for a few years, and when it was photographed by Gp Capt T K S Singha, the photo revealed its serial as C779, an airframe with a legendary record in the 1971 war.

C779 as seen at AFS Jorhat. Imagine if the identity of the aircraft was lost during its set up for display.. (Photo by Gp Capt T K S Singha, VSM Bar)

Subsequently, as narrated here, the airframe was removed and shipped off to New Delhi. The Air Force Hospital was bereft of aircraft for a few more years. However, it is now established that a MiG-21M, C1585 has replaced the earlier MIG.

As with many of the other MiG-21Ms out there, very little is known about its service life/history.

Photo Credits: Sanjay Simha / www.velocityttl.com

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  1. Any chance that the guy who took the picture of the MiG-21M also took a picture of the MiG-23/27 at the other side of the building?

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