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Aircraft Attrition

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Accidents List for IAF

A total of 59 Accidents and Losses are listed.

Date Aircraft Cat Rank, Name & Photo Unit Serial Remarks
20 Aug 51 Unidentified T 11 k when ac cr at Pune ...More

12 Mar 61 Unidentified T Flt Lt V Ganesan* Malfunction Pilot chose to stay ...More

14 May 62 Unidentified T Flt Lt J N Vijayaraghavan* Failed to recover from Spin ...More

10 Feb 64 Unidentified T Fg Offr Bhupendra Prakash* Cr druing adverse weather at Mechuka ...More

27 Jul 67 Unidentified C Sqn Ldr Srinivas Prahlad Desai* Crashed in mouint terrain at 10700 ft ...More

01 Aug 67 Unidentified HC Flt Lt Tejinder Singh Mizoram - rotorbld flew off severed tail rotolr ...More

29 Jun 69 Unidentified HC Cr at Jodhpur. Crew and 8 in ground killed

16 Jun 71 Unknown F Flt Lt Harinder Pal Singh Shergill 8427F(P) CrL fighter at Poona after ferry from JDP

10 Apr 75 Unidentified HC Ditched in Sea off Santa Cruz, Pilots rescued

08 Aug 78 Unidentified U/I Sqn Ldr R C Nanda* k in accident - no additional details

31 Jul 79 Unidentified F JAMNAGAR Lakhonwala

05 Sep 79 Unidentified F Cr 200 km Jodhpur at balora Pt K

25 Jan 80 Unidentified F Midnapore 30 km at Salbani Pt BO

29 May 80 Unidentified F B Talukdar* Bakula Area at Diphu Assam

15 Aug 80 Unidentified HC Cr Poonch 4 Cr K

20 Sep 80 Unidnetified HC HC Crashed in Nanak Sagar Lake - upside down in waters ...More

21 Oct 80 Unidentified HC Cr due to Bird Hit ...More

09 Feb 81 Unidentified F Wg Cdr Sanjeev Sahay Eng flame out on approach to Halwara - ejected ...More

08 Jun 82 Unidentified F Fg Offr A N Gadgil* Hoshaipur Dist.

12 Jun 82 Unidentified F Flt Lt A K Mathur Martin Baker List

25 Sep 84 Unidentified F Sqn Ldr H Mehta* Sulvad Vill Rajkot dist Jamnagar

28 Sep 84 Unidentified HC Siachen glacier 5killed

01 Mar 85 Unidentified T Sqn Ldr V J P Reddy* AFA Bidar Cr on TO

20 Mar 85 Unidentified F Mid Air collision Jamnagar

20 Mar 85 Unidentified F Mid Air Collision Jamnagar Pt Killed

31 Mar 85 Unidentified HC Sqn Ldr A C Sekhar* Cr Eastern Sector 2 Killed

21 May 85 Unidentified HC 150 km from Gwalior

07 May 86 Unidentified U/I D S Khera* ARMY from Jodhpur AFB Cr 10 km at Digadi Vill

14 Oct 86 Unidentified T Sqn Ldr D X Laxman* AFA Cr near Bidar 2 k

16 Oct 86 Unidentified F Cr Khajaberja 21 km fm Jamnagar Pt Killed

26 Dec 86 Unidentified F Ferozepur

04 Jun 87 Unidentified F Asohi Vill Kutch dist pt BO

17 Jun 87 Unidentified HC Flt Lt I S Gohil* Cr in R Chenab 160 km fm jammu ...More

11 Sep 87 Unidentified F Flt Lt R K Murthy* Jamnagar

03 Nov 87 Unidentified HC Jaotala ranchi 5 Killed

09 Nov 87 Unidentified F Flt Lt V K Reddy* Cr at AFB Adampur

12 Nov 87 Unidentified F Flt Lt U K Deonath* Sar al Samand 40 km fm Jodhpur

10 Feb 88 Unidentified F Central Sector

02 Mar 88 Unidentified F Nal Rajasthan

16 Mar 88 Unidentified F Rajkot cr in field Pt Killed

08 Jun 88 Unidentified HC Fg Offr Jithendar Singh* Cr after Wirestrike Hamirput HP 4 K ...More

28 Aug 88 Unidentified T Murpur Vill Rajkot dist fm Jamnagar

30 Aug 88 Unidentified F Kalaikonda Midnapore Pt Killed after BO

05 Nov 88 Unidentified F Cr Muzafarnagar to Barriely Pt BO

01 Jan 89 Unidentified HC Sqn Ldr H Bajaj* Cr Banhilal Pass 3 K

04 Mar 89 Unidentified F [afm/s/7/89]

10 May 89 Unidentified T AFA Cr Masaipet Village Medak Dist

06 Jan 90 Unidentified HC Gorakpur Hit Elec Pole 2 Airmen Killed

10 Jan 90 Unidentified T Pradeep Kumar* Jodhpur AFS

09 Apr 90 Unidentified F Kagachia Vill Midnapore fm Kalaikonda 3 k on gd

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