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Accident Report

Date of Crash  07 May 04 Aircraft Type  Jaguar IS
Serial Number   Unit  5
Pilot details  Sqn Ldr Tamaskar
Short Text  Cr TO from Ambala Pt Ejct -

Air Force officers inspect the wreckage of the Jaguar which crashed in Ambala on Thursday.

Air Force officers inspect the wreckage of the Jaguar which crashed in Ambala on Thursday. Photo by Neeraj Chopra

Jaguar crashes in Ambala City
Pilot bails out; no casualties
Rahul Das
Tribune News Service

Ambala, May 7 A Jaguar fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed in Ambala City this evening. There were no casualties.

The deep-penetration strike aircraft crashed within minutes after take-off from the Ambala Air Force Station. The pilot of the aircraft bailed out safely. This is the seventh fighter aircraft crash of the Ambala Cantonment Air Force Station in the last two years. This includes two Jaguars of this air base that crashed in the Valley last month.

The Jaguar took off from the air base at about 4.20 pm and crashed barely three minutes later at Patti Shekhan. The aircraft crashed a short distance away from habitation at Manmohan Nagar, located close to GT road.

The pilot of the Jaguar fighter aircraft, Sqn Ldr Tamaskar, bailed out safely. He ejected from the aircraft near Jaroth road. The pilot was spotted by a policeman, who was on duty in the area. He informed the police control room of the incident and attended to the pilot.

Sqn Ldr Tamaskar was rushed to Military Hospital in an ambulance of Sasan hospital, Ambala City. The pilot is said to have sustained injuries on the left leg and neck.

An eye-witness said he heard a loud noise. “When I looked up, I saw that the aircraft was shaking violently in the air. It crashed a short distance away,” he said.

The aircraft crashed at Patti Shekhan which is sandwiched between Saddo Majra and Manakpur. The Jaguar crashed in the fields owned by Mr Shiv Charan Singh. The crop in the field had already been harvested.

A visit to the spot showed that the aircraft had formed a crater where it had fallen. Due to the impact, the aircraft wreckage was scattered in an area of more than five acres. Parts of the fuselage, undercarriage and wings could be seen. The impact of the crash was evident from the fact that the aircraft had totally disintegrated.

Air Force officers recovered the flight data recorder from the fields. It was immediately taken away to the air base.

A large number of people had gathered at the crash site. The policemen cordoned off the area to ensure that the Air Force personnel could carry out their investigation. The policemen had a difficult time in keeping curious onlookers at bay.

On April 4 this year, two Jaguar aircraft of the Ambala air base crashed in the Valley. The pilots of both aircraft were killed. They were Flt-Lt Gagan Oberoi and Flt Mayank Mayur.

On July 22, 2003, a Jaguar crashed within the Air Force Station while landing. The aircraft broke into two pieces and caught fire. The residents of Dhankaur village had heard a loud noise. While the tail piece of the Jaguar had remained upright, the undercarriage had flipped over.

AMBALA, MAY 7: An Indian Air Force Jaguar aircraft crashed on Friday within three minutes of take-off from the air base in Ambala. The pilot, Squadron Leader Tamaskar however, managed to bail out safely. This is the fourth Jaguar that this air base has lost in recent years. Last year, on July 22, a Jaguar had crashed on the runway.  The jet, which missed the unauthorised colony of Manmohan Nagar near here, crashed at around 4.40 pm. No casualties were reported on the ground.

Eyewitnesses who saw the pilot bail out, say the aircraft caught fire within minutes after take-off. Pointing to the crater where the aircraft crashed Shiv Charan Singh said the wreckage which was spread over eight acres did not cause any damage to life or property. ASI Virender Singh said he was on patrol duty on the approach road linking the Ambala-Chandigarh road to Jadaut village, when he spotted the parachute and followed it. The police party rescued the pilot and gave him first-aid after which he was taken to the military hospital in an ambulance that the police had requisitioned from the Sasan Nursing Home in Baldev Nagar.

The pilot, 6Squadron Leader Tamaskar suffered minor injuries on his neck and left leg, but was fully conscious.

Air Force personnel took a while to reach the crash site but were quick to retrieve the black box. Deputy Commissioner H.S. Malik and SSP Mohammed Akil were among the other officials who rushed to the spot after hearing of the crash. It was the police party at Panjokhra which first sighted the debris and alerted the Air Force personnel. The area was cordoned off on orders of the SSP after people from nearby villages streamed in to see the wreckage.

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